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Steinmetz Financial Planning is dedicated to helping you integrate all facets of your financial life into a comprehensive plan. We can also provide modular plans designed to address your specific areas of concern (i.e. retirement, tax planning, small business planning, etc.)

Being fee-only means that we are compensated solely on an hourly basis or by a fixed fee structure. This allows us to be service-driven rather than product-driven. Our main concern is the appropriateness of any action recommended, not the accompany compensation.

As Certified Financial Planning professionals we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals by developing concise and appropriate strategies, suggesting required action, and continuously increasing your financial knowledge. We have come to believe that informed clients make better decisions. Steinmetz Financial Planning believes that your on-going education is one of our primary considerations.

The assistance of a qualified financial planner is often sought for a variety for reasons, but the most common denominator is a person's desire to take responsibility and charge of their financial future.

To help you to achieve economic freedom and financial peace of mind, we remember that your needs and financial positioning are unique and require the personal attention and individualized planning practiced by Steinmetz Financial Planning. We never rely on boiler-plate programs - your plan is customized to reflect your requirements.

It is rarely too late, and never too early to take the first steps toward financial security and independence.

A rapidly changing, complex economic and financial environment make it imperative for almost anyone with goals to achieve to seek truly professional assistance.

Selecting a financial planner should not be done in haste. In all lasting relationships there develops a comfort level and a chemistry. In an effort to facilitate this process, we offer a personal, private free one-hour consultation to serve as a get acquainted period for both the potential client and planner. Naturally, there is never an obligation to proceed.


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